100 Miles of Rotterdam

Rally's & Ritten voor Klassiekers
Datum: 15 dec 2018

Locatie: Hotel New York  |  Plaats: Rotterdam, Nederland


Registration The 100 Miles of Rotterdam is open

“Sterker door strijd”, or stronger by battle is the slogan of Rotterdam. Something that also applies to the night rally The 100 Miles. Without a battle, there is no victory.

This year the first 100 miles of Rotterdam will be organized. A battle like never before. The event is not your everyday tour. It is so much better! In the cold night of Saturday 15th of December, 50 pre-war cars will drive into the dark, conquer the bad weather, the small roads, the cold and many other challenges.

The start will be at the iconic Hotel New York in Rotterdam, the place of the original Holland-Amerika Line (started in 1620). The building still has its original appearance.The 100 Miles of Rotterdam Hotel New York Holland America LineThe finish will be at the SS Rotterdam, also known as “The Grande Dame”. A former ocean liner and cruise ship that has been turned into a hotel. Here we booked rooms for everyone, so after the finish we can talk about the event with a drink.

Some new elements in this year’s event:
- Start in Rotterdam, city for hard working people
- Event to be held on a Saturday night
- Including hotel and a long evening
- And some extra surprises …..

We invite you to go with us on this trip to create some fantastic memories. Register today to make sure you are on board!




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